Helper method to collect the command output as string.


plesk – nginx settings for october cms

Add this config to the domains extra nginx settings:


mysql search closest locations within distance around a center



css – select, dropdown arrow

css arrow for html selects: in LESS


simple tooltip, multiline, pure css


vue.js v-cloak spinner with pure css (but scss in code)

the scss

Notice the nested divĀ  & > div {

Now the HTML:


twig 5 star rating partial

Simple snippet/partial for a twig star rating with fontawesome


rkhunter – fix warnings

Warning #1

Rkhunter and plesk xinetd services

Warning #2

Warning #3

Warning #4


sass spacing helper – margin and padding

The above structure will generate the following classes:

Example usage:


less helpers – spacings

Above code will generate the following helper classes: (example for number 10)


unveil.js – lazy loading image with css animation






grunt setup

grunt setup for web projects.




october cms – redirect back with input and errors

Somewhere in my plugin:

And somewhere in my view:


active language check