grunt setup

grunt setup for web projects.




install mongodb for php7

deploy a wordpress multisite from development to production

Here are my steps for deploying a wordpress multisite (network) from local development environment to a production system.

  1. local: create database dump
  2. rewrite all urls in the database dump
  3. local: zip the wordpress directory
  4. check if your network domains are set up properly
  5. prod: unzip
  6. prod: import dump
  7. prod: change wp_config.php  for production settings
  8. thats it 🙂

mysqldump – sichern und einspielen

Kommando zum Sichern aller Datenbanken

Und speziell fĂĽr Windows Maschinen

Sichern einer bestimmten Datenbank

Kommando zum Einspielen der Sicherung: komplette Sicherung

Kommando zum Einspielen der Sicherung: einzelne Datenbank

jslint / jshint – my notes

global browser variables, window, document …

suppress linting for jQuery ($)

suppress linting for unused params

suppress linting for new operator

suppress linting for ++ operator


A Comparison of JavaScript Linting Tools

create and share a vagrant box

Info and upload:

Pack a box with virtualbox

Avoid the generation of a ssh key!

Insert this into your Vagrantfile  during box creation

Remove an existing ssh key from a box

Update Virtualbox Guest Addition

Use specific box version


force www for http and https

Found here:

creating a vagrant base box from an existing base box

A vagrant Ubuntu Server 32bit 14.04 LTS with Apache, MySQl, PHP and several development tools installed.

The server contains the following components:

  • apache
  • mysql
  • php 5.5
  • sqlite
  • vim
  • git
  • composer
  • nodejs, npm
  • cUrl
  • xdebug

The result can be used here:

Prepare the server

Initzialize vagrant:

Edit the initial vagrant file:

Then create the “www” folder and start vagrant:

SSH into the new vagrant box:

A quick ubuntu update:

Apache Webserver:

PHP, MySQL, SQLite, PHP cUrl, Git:

NodeJs, npm:



Create vagrant box file

Test the box:


Installation und Konfiguration

Git Befehle

Tags löschen:

Remote branch löschen:

-d = löschen

-D = löschen erzwingen

Tag auschecken:

Clone into Directory:



”-n” fĂĽr einen Trockenlauf

Zeige den aktuell ausgecheckten Tag:

Update / Install Submodule:

Branch umbenennen


chocolatey package manager for windows

Here I want to note down my Chocolatey application list. In the future, I just need two lines to install all my tools 🙂 (great^^)


Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows (like apt-get or yum but for Windows). It was designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need.


For web stack development

Additional tools for personal use

Usefull commands

Update all packages

List all local packages

Install a package

Uninstall a package

Here is the complete reference: