Remove all OXID eShop modules without having access to the oxid backend

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Oxid eShop: extend javascript validation

In this example, I add some new form validation features for  Oxid eShop. First, a regex validation method, then a required method for checkboxes (missing in Oxid CE).

Create a new file somewhere, and include it in your template.

The new features can be used within the template like the following examples.

The regex validation:

The notEmpty / required validation with the checkbox:

Form validation with javascript for Oxid

Folgende Schritte sind notwendig:

  • Einbinden von oxinputvalidator.js
  • <Form> mit  .oxValidate  versehen
  • <Input> mit .js-oxValidate  und anderen Validatoren versehen

Verfügbare Validatoren:

  • js-oxValidate
  • js-oxValidate_email
  • js-oxValidate_notEmpty
  • js-oxValidate_length
  • js-oxValidate_match
  • js-oxValidate_date

Passwort Länge:

Validierungs Nachrichten:

price formatting

This is the correct way to format prices in Oxid:



CMS Pages in Oxid

This is how to render a CMS Page if existing:


Query article lists in oxid

Example how to query an Oxid Article List within a template or CMS page:


Remove a module block without trouble

Here is my way to remove a block modification by a mobule in Oxid eShop.

Step #1

Delete regarding block registration inside  metadata.php.

Step #2

Step #3

Delete template cache files inside  tmp/

fixing mini basket link to be https protocol

This bug in Oxid eShop prevents clean ssl certificate symbol in the browser.




Switching side of currency sign


Oxid >= 4.8.0, >= 5.1.0

Templates should use the price formatter feature:


Switch to admin backend and use the following syntax within the price setup:


oxscript and oxstyle

Copied from developer comments within the smarty plugins: