Remove all OXID eShop modules without having access to the oxid backend

Link #1: Link #2: UPDATE oxconfig SET OXVARVALUE=0x00 WHERE OXVARNAME=”aModuleFiles”; UPDATE oxconfig SET OXVARVALUE=0x00 WHERE OXVARNAME=”aModulePaths”; UPDATE oxconfig SET OXVARVALUE=0x00 WHERE OXVARNAME=”aModules”; UPDATE oxconfig SET OXVARVALUE=0x00 WHERE OXVARNAME=”aModuleTemplates”; UPDATE oxconfig SET OXVARVALUE=0x00 WHERE OXVARNAME=”aModuleVersions”;  

Form validation with javascript for Oxid

Folgende Schritte sind notwendig: Einbinden von oxinputvalidator.js <Form> mit .oxValidate  versehen <Input> mit .js-oxValidate  und anderen Validatoren versehen Verfügbare Validatoren: js-oxValidate js-oxValidate_email js-oxValidate_notEmpty js-oxValidate_length js-oxValidate_match js-oxValidate_date Passwort Länge: <input type=”hidden” id=”passwordLength” value=”[{$oViewConf->getPasswordLength()}]”> Validierungs Nachrichten: <span class=”js-oxError_notEmpty”>[{ oxmultilang ident=”ERROR_MESSAGE_INPUT_NOTALLFIELDS” }]</span> <span class=”js-oxError_length”>[{ oxmultilang ident=”ERROR_MESSAGE_PASSWORD_TOO_SHORT” }]</span> <span class=”js-oxError_match”>[{ oxmultilang ident=”ERROR_MESSAGE_USER_PWDDONTMATCH” }]</span> <span class=”js-oxError_email”>[{ oxmultilang Read more…

CMS Pages in Oxid

This is how to render a CMS Page if existing: [{oxifcontent ident=”oxstdfooter” object=”oCont”}] [{if $oCont->oxcontents__oxcontent->value }] [{$oCont->oxcontents__oxcontent->value }] [{/if}] [{/oxifcontent}]  

Query article lists in oxid

Example how to query an Oxid Article List within a template or CMS page: [{php}] // new article list $oArtList = oxNew( ‘oxarticlelist’ ); // load list by id $oArtList->loadActionArticles( ‘2e045f2980c19e97a137007db258e22d’ ); // assign list to template varible $this->assign(‘meowlist’, $oArtList); // demo foreach ($oArtList as $oxArticle) { var_dump($oxArticle->getLink()); } [{/php}] Read more…

Remove a module block without trouble

Here is my way to remove a block modification by a mobule in Oxid eShop. Step #1 Delete regarding block registration inside metadata.php. Step #2 DELETE FROM `oxtplblocks` WHERE `OXBLOCKNAME` = “[BLOCKNAME]” AND `OXMODULE` = “[MODULENAME]” LIMIT 1 Step #3 Delete template cache files inside tmp/

fixing mini basket link to be https protocol

This bug in Oxid eShop prevents clean ssl certificate symbol in the browser. Bug: Solution: public function getWidgetUrl( $iLang = null, $blAdmin = null ) { $sUrl = $this->isSsl() ? $this->getSslShopUrl($iLang) : $this->getShopUrl($iLang, $blAdmin); return oxRegistry::get(‘oxUtilsUrl’)->processUrl($sUrl.’widget.php’, false); }  

oxscript and oxstyle

Copied from developer comments within the smarty plugins: Add [{oxscript add=”oxid.popup.load();” }] to add script call. Add [{oxscript include=”oxid.js”}] to include local javascript file. Add [{oxscript include=”oxid.js?20120413″}] to include local javascript file with query string part. Add [{oxscript include=””}] to include external javascript file. Add [{oxstyle include=”oxid.css”}] to include local Read more…