jQuery: add a class, wait some time and remove it again

This technique, combined with Animate.css or CSS3 Transitions will give you some nice effects:

Add a CSS class to an element, wail till the transition is finished, and then remove the class.


My Apache cheat sheet

The VirtualHost configuration is located here

Defining a VirtualHost

I am using Vagrant on Windows, so I have to add this domain to my Windows hosts file:

The Apache Service and its commands

Possible commands:

  • start
  • stop
  • graceful-stop
  • restart
  • reload
  • force-reload
  • start-htcacheclean
  • stop-htcacheclean

Apache2 modules

Enabling a module:

Disabling a module:

List all enabled modules:

Available modules (on my maschine):


install nodejs, npm and gulp on ubuntu

The reference can be found here:


The commands to install nodejs and npm on ubuntu:

Check nodejs and npm installation:

Install Gulp (global/local):


Vagrant LAMP Stack setup

I liked WAMP very much, but after discovering Vagrant I never will go back to WAMP.

What is Vagrant used for?

Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.

In my words: Vagrant is used to simulate a real server environment to interact with.

In this article I want to share my basic setup.

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wordpress, style.css

Some boilerplates for wordpress theming:

And for child themes:


php helper for including a partial

When I prototype in PHP, I use this small helper function to include a partial and to import some variables.



wordpress php helper

Helper for including theme assets, stylesheets or javascript files: