deployment for october cms theme/plugin with deployer

The goal is, to deploy a plugin and theme for october cms on a remote server over bitbucket.

  • add a deploy user to your deployment server and allow ssh login with key (help)
  • create public key on deployment server and add it to bitbucket as a deployment key
  • i run plesk on my server, so I added deploy user to psaserv and psacln

  • init and set up your deploy.php file (docs)
  • check that your project dir is writeable
  • create symlinks from the shown location to current/


deploy a wordpress multisite from development to production

Here are my steps for deploying a wordpress multisite (network) from local development environment to a production system.

  1. local: create database dump
  2. rewrite all urls in the database dump
  3. local: zip the wordpress directory
  4. check if your network domains are set up properly
  5. prod: unzip
  6. prod: import dump
  7. prod: change wp_config.php  for production settings
  8. thats it 🙂