creating a vagrant base box from an existing base box

A vagrant Ubuntu Server 32bit 14.04 LTS with Apache, MySQl, PHP and several development tools installed. The server contains the following components: apache mysql php 5.5 sqlite vim git composer nodejs, npm cUrl xdebug The result can be used here: Prepare the server Initzialize vagrant: vagrant init ubuntu/trusty32 Edit the initial vagrant Read more…


Installation und Konfiguration apt-get install git git config –global “John Doe” git config –global Git Befehle Tags löschen: git tag -d v1.0 git push origin :refs/tags/v1.0 Remote branch löschen: -d = löschen -D = löschen erzwingen git branch -d branchname git push origin :branchname Tag auschecken: git Read more…

Vagrant LAMP Stack setup

I liked WAMP very much, but after discovering Vagrant I never will go back to WAMP.

What is Vagrant used for?

Create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments.

In my words: Vagrant is used to simulate a real server environment to interact with.

In this article I want to share my basic setup.