CMS Pages in Oxid

This is how to render a CMS Page if existing: [{oxifcontent ident=”oxstdfooter” object=”oCont”}] [{if $oCont->oxcontents__oxcontent->value }] [{$oCont->oxcontents__oxcontent->value }] [{/if}] [{/oxifcontent}]  

oxscript and oxstyle

Copied from developer comments within the smarty plugins: Add [{oxscript add=”oxid.popup.load();” }] to add script call. Add [{oxscript include=”oxid.js”}] to include local javascript file. Add [{oxscript include=”oxid.js?20120413″}] to include local javascript file with query string part. Add [{oxscript include=””}] to include external javascript file. Add [{oxstyle include=”oxid.css”}] to include local Read more…